Read the instructions for successful fingerprinting.

CAUTION: For people who have an orthodontic treatment (dental appliance, fixed appliance ...), DOOMEY-sport advises you to consult your dentist for taking dental impressions.

Wash your hands and teeth and install the contents of the Impression Kit on a clean, clear surface. If possible, use a mirror to help you.

The kit contains two upper impression trays of different sizes, two silicone capsules. (Two lower impression trays and a wax arch for the medium / reinforced kit.) Put the silicone capsules in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes.
Try the trays in order to use the tray that best suits you. Choose one whose edges do not come into contact with your gums. Once your tray is chosen, rinse it and dry it with a paper towel.

Impression: The principle is simple, mix the two doses of silicone so that the two colors make one more. Make a "puddle" that just places it in the fingerprint door.

Once mixed the silicone begins to harden, this is why it is necessary to respect the times of handling.

30-40 sec. Mixing time.
30 sec. Place the silicone in the door imprints
40 sec to place well the door imprints in the mouth.
3 min. Waiting in the mouth.

- Apply in the mouth: It is imperative to position the impression well in the mouth, so that the gums (front) do not touch the imprint holder, set it as straight as possible.

Once positioned, using your thumbs, push the imprint holder on your teeth by passing your upper lip over the front of the tray. Apply light pressure with your fingers on your mouth to make the silicone rise as high as possible on your gums.


Keep your mouth open, do not bite the footprints in any way.
Stay as steady as possible and wait until the silicone is hard. (3 minutes)
Think of the time, it is very important to do all the manipulations as quickly as possible so that once in the mouth you have time to make well the silicone on your gum.

Once the fingerprints have been recorded, it is only necessary to rinse them with tap water
And place them in the zip-lock bag.

-Medium and PRO-REINFORCE Mouthguard Kit:
After following the instructions of the standard mouth guard, you only have to do the same for the lower teeth.
Finally, it remains a very important step, the intermaxillary ratio.
Place the wax arch 30 seconds in a glass of hot water (not boiling).

Past 40 seconds put the wax arch between the teeth and bite. The jaw should be closed properly by tightening the teeth. (Bite slightly or the cross-stitched jaw is strictly nothing.) This will ensure comfort and safety.
Place the sachet containing the imprint doors (top and bottom) and the sachet containing the wax arch in the supplied return carton and post it in a follow-up letter.

To know that the quality of the mouthguard depends on the taking of impressions, do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem or send us photos of your fingerprints on the official Facebook page DOOMEY-sport before returning the kit.
Observe the impression-taking kit, in case of improperly made impressions it will be necessary to buy a new kit of taking impressions.